Not only are we exploring ripped-from-the-headlines true-crime stories, but we’re diving deep into the world of both legitimate and not-so-legitimate psychics, fortune tellers, tarot, crystal healing, ghosts... and the great huckster spirit of the city of New York.  The storytelling power of tarot, in particular, is very important to this film - and in tarot, every card has two meanings.  Our lead character may be a fortune teller who uses her intuition to line her own pockets... but the film itself believes in magic and ritual, and the world of esoteric and occult communities is depicted in many lights.

We make our movies a little different.  Just like in our first project, our design team is all about people who don’t normally work in film: sculptors, dancers, choreographers, illustrators, neon artists and model makers are coming together to create handmade sets, costumes, and bizarro special effects.  We believe in natural and practical lighting, so we don’t use movie lights.  We believe our actors need the room to make real transformations.  And we believe our brilliant audience deserves fun movies that make them see their world in a new way.